Improve your property marketing strategy with 3D rendering

The Real estate has drastically evolved over the past few decades bringing in multitudes of new risks and factors to assess. Profit and loss margins, increasing competition and constantly changing trends, are affecting the ever fluctuation property market. Property marketers have to continually refine their marketing strategy to include market best practices to keep them ahead of the curve.

3D rendering and architectural animation are fast becoming an integral layer to marketing properties effectively. Through renders and animations, potential buyers are introduced to developments digitally, creating an emotive connection and actively opening your sales door. Renders allow your target audience to view off-the-plan developments before they are tangible and leaves room for your clients’ imagination (a necessary – but underrated – variable in the sales process).

Property marketing trends see a rise in the demand for personal and emotional connections. Drawing on your potential buyer’s heartstrings seems whimsical until you realise that it is your primary leveraging tool. An architectural animation is a fantastic tool to use in your marketing of developments. Through realistic renders, animated features, music and copy, you can give your potential buyer the ability to see the tangible while it is still intangible.

In an ever cautious global property market, presenting investors with renders that shows each realistic detail of the development can improve your chances of selling. Vizform – a 3D Architectural visualisation specialist – has worked with developers and understands that marketing your development effectively requires; 3D renders, architectural animation and a specific property marketing plan.

3D rendering

3D renders offer freedom and flexibility through the interior and exterior views of developments. Renders save architects and marketers time, resources and can effectively streamline your sales process. Architectural visualisation has changed the way architects, and designers design and market models.

Property marketers often struggle to create a relationship between 2D imagery and a 3D virtual environment. Through scanned materials, Vizform creates realistic elements for both interior and exterior renders, capitalising on the proper lighting and textural components they provide. 3D renders are therefore realistic, and property marketers will find themselves answering the questions of whether it is, “real or a render?”.

Architectural animation

Architectural animation a formidable communication tool and is a pivotal player in the acquisition of online buyers. Video content is taking over many markets, and consumers and sellers alike are swaying towards animations rather than reading architectural briefs.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today – Robert McKee.

Architectural animation incorporates elements of cinema into the visualisation, conveying a message to your potential buyer (pulling on those heartstrings again). Developments that carry a story open the doors of imagination with your potential buyers. Once your potential buyer imagines their life in your development, there is little that can go wrong on your sales journey.

Specialised property marketing strategy

Identify your target audience and the potential buyers you will have and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. At Vizform we have worked on developments such as; The Kings, The Estate, Strand Beach, Steenberg Green, Labotessa, Sandton Gate apartments, Bakoven Cottage, Marina Edge, Polo Village and more.

Art Vizform we understand your potential buyer and create 3D renders and animations that improve your property marketing strategy ultimately impacting your profits. For more information about how we can help improve your property marketing contact us today.


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