We were commissioned by Craig Morris from Newcast Media to create four images to show a potential buyer from London what type of renovations they could do for him. The location and design of this home, excited us as it was a fantastic base to start with.

The strategy was to create several version for the client which would showcase a different style each time. After we sent the first version, the client added a few notes and was happy to proceed with the end result.

We received the following information from Craig.

  • 2D CAD drawings
  • Mood board
  • Camera angles (drawn on the plan)
  • Site location
  • 2D CAD drawing examples
  • Mood board examples

2D CAD drawing Examples

MoodBoard Examples

After we received this information, we went out to the site and captured a real-world HDR (high dynamic range) map. HDR captures the exact light and reflections of the specified moment in time, which we later used in 3dsMax to recreate the lighting. We also took some photos of the mountain that we could make better use of in Photoshop.

Once we had all the information from the client and the images, we started building the model and detailing the scene. We made use of plants and assets from our library and custom built the ones we did not have.

Camera Angles

Site location

36 Beta Road, Bakoven, Cape Town

Once each view was assembled, we produced the following images and uploaded it to our online review tool where Craig could make comments on the renders.

The client was pleased about how far we had taken the renders already for the first prelims, and he only had a few small comments before we could render the final high-resolution renders.

Here are some of the final renders after the last comments were applied

The project only took about two weeks to complete, pleasing the client. Vizform continuously excels with our product delivery, and we were proud to have worked on this project.


Futuristic in design


Visualize the end result