Pushing the virtual limits with the power of Unreal Engine

The digital age brings with it the opportunity to explore the limits of the virtual realm. With our continued investment in crafting exemplary experiences, we now offer our clients and their customers the unique ability to seamlessly navigate through a virtual space.

Real-time technology has existed for a number of years, but has recently reached a level of such fidelity that has made it particularly suitable for architectural visualization.

Our Full Immersion Package utilizes the incredibly powerful toolset of Unreal Engine to craft a fully immersive real-time experience. We are proud to harness these tools and offer our clients the latest in virtual architecture and demonstrate our dedication to the evolution of innovation.

The Real-time Process

Working with CAD drawings, floor plans, finishing schedules and location information, Vizform evaluates and approaches the complexity of each space by assessing the integration of interior (finishes, furniture, etc.) and exterior (environment, plants, etc.) factors.

3D geometric models are meticulously prepared for use within Unreal Engine. The process focuses on reducing the complexity of the components in terms of both polygon count and texture sizes allowing for a balance between good framerate and visual clarity.

Datasmith – a powerful tool integrated into Unreal Studio – is the intermediary between the 3D authoring software and the game-engine, and allows for more predictable results and a much easier transition.

It is important to understand the implications for client workflow. Whereas revisions within a 3DS max/Corona/Vray workflow allow for multiple, fast iterations of scenes – the real-time process is slightly more cumbersome. Therefore, during this process the finality of source files are considered paramount to ensure a fast and effective deliverable.

This simply means that we would create small incremental, high resolution scenes or “levels” in Unreal Engine which our client is able to consider, inspect and approve, keeping our client involved in the entire visualisation process – and from there the optimization process will ensue. Optimization is a key factor in terms of product usability as it will ensure that the real-time nature of the product is maintained, and will also ensure that all supplemental products arising therefrom (such as stills, animations, VR motion stills, standard motion stills, VR motion paths) will be readily available to our client as part of their set package.

The Full Immersion Package

The Full Immersion Package offers our clients the unique opportunity to experience state-of-the-art real-time technology with a durable competitive edge – more value-added content than ever before, coupled with vastly increased render times. This ensures that our client has a near unlimited pool of content to choose from, all derived from their single project – including:

  • Animation – standard animation tailored to suit your needs at 4K resolution
  • Stills – standard still image displaying a specific angle
  • Motion Stills – similar to a standard still, with the added benefit of integrated animated elements
  • VR Stills – 360 degree panoramic still image
  • VR Motion Stills – similar to 360 degree panoramic still image, with the added benefit of integrated animated elements
  • VR Motion Paths – pre-rendered 360 degree motion path displaying an overall view of an entire project, perfect for VR
  • Realtime walkthrough – a real-time walkthrough experience, offering true interactivity to the viewer
  • Fully Interactive VR – the ability to virtually move through the space using a high-end VR device

We at Vizform continue our passion for innovation through our dedication to offer the latest technologies to our clients and merging the realm of reality into the virtual world. Experience the virtual world like never before with The Full Immersion Package.

Architecture by Malan Vorster