Excitement brims with new Motion Stills

Vizform is excited to announce a new product offering we aptly refer to as motion stills. Motion stills (or animated stills) are renders that do precisely what the name proposes, they move while remaining still. This may sound dubious, but trust us! The technique brings a render to life in such a way as never before.

“Motion stills captures a viewer better than a still, because of the detail in the animation. It definitely an international trend which is why we have focused on this at Vizform” – Ben Pretorius, Vizform CEO.

An encounter with (e)motion

Lights, camera, emotion! Films use actors, light, sound and structural elements to tell a story and elicit emotion from their audience, whereas Vizform has devised our own derivative soft technique to speak to ours. Prepare to embark on a journey that is more compelling, more engaging and more informative with motion stills from Vizform.

Snippets of time

The streets bustle with traffic and buildings pulsate with twinkling lights as we hurtle forward in our busy lives. When looking at the stills we create, we’ve often wondered how these moments would play out as snippets of time, scrutinising the moment a light switch is flicked, or a vehicle


Futuristic in design