How architectural visualisation improves real estate sales

The impact of architectural visualisation continues to grow the method property marketers use to market their developments which directly affects their sales. The modern sales environment is more competitive than it has ever been, with companies utilising the latest technology and trends to push them slightly ahead of their competitor.

Make your listings stand out

While building dimensions are undoubtedly essential to your listing, it is not enough to convince someone to buy the development. 1 in 4 buyers – according to surveys – will not arrange a showing or message you for details if the information on the listing does not meet their visualisation standards. Using realistic renders and 3D floor plans in your marketing can increase your chances of welcoming potential buyers into your sales funnel. Renders demonstrate what you are selling in a tangible manner.

3D visualisation specialists – like Vizform – incorporates scanned materials into renders which offers a realistic portrayal of the elements within a render. Features that are not scanned can lack accurate representations of light and textures. Fortunately – with an in-house PBR scanner – Vizform can realistically depict familiar objects in renders, making your listing stand out.

The power of digital marketing

When property marketers can utilise the resources at their disposal, they increase the impact on their landing pages, email marketing campaigns, mobile app downloads and social media engagement. The use of 3D visualisation captivates audiences in new exciting ways – your potential buyers can have digital access to your development without having to meet with you.

Digital property marketing that incorporates useful 3D renders and animations will streamline the sales process by eliminating prospects that will not buy into your development. With the explosion of social media and digital apps, your potential buyer can view your renders and access the information they need to assess their level of interest.

Traditionally, property marketing would leave everything to the imagination demanding time, resources and money to follow every lead with most interest dwindling once prospects see all the information. 3D visualisations will help you target your key audience and effectively create your sales funnels.


Globalisation has expanded the global reach of the property market. Luxury developments have become more accessible to international buyers placing more pressure on the quality of their marketing. Renders and animations are the perfect tools for online sales – they inform, entertain and position the developments in the best light.

Start your relationship with Vizform 

3D visualisation not only improves your marketing but also fosters relationships with your potential buyers. This relationship can be highly beneficial to your company and future developments. At Vizform we believe in creative innovation, and as a family of visualisation specialists, marketing and development specialists, we are dedicated to making your dream a reality. Contact us today to improve your real estate sales today with our 3D rendering and animation.


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