How developments benefit from 3D rendering

3D technology has embedded itself in the digital world, and while it’s no surprise that this technology is expanding into different industries, developers benefit from 3D renders significantly. 3D modelling has affected the presentation of architectural designs and continues to empower architects and designers to be creative which directly impacts the return on investment for developers.

The adoption of 3D renders and modelling in the construction industry has significantly increased the speed of the design process. Architects and designers are working at a far more rapid pace to identify design problems before they impact the construction of developments. 3D modelling offers developers a holistic view of a project in a realistic presentation.

There are numerous benefits in using 3D renders and models in the construction industry, here are the three pivotal reasons to use this in your next project;

3D models can be animated

An architectural animation is a short CG (computer-generated) clip that includes landscaping, people, objects and buildings. While renders demonstrate animation, they also show a series of hundreds or thousands of still images that are assembled and played back to the viewer.

Developers can benefit from architectural animation through landscape creation and construction stages. Through these landscapes, developers can present a look and feel to investors that offer more realistic imagery and videos to demonstrate the weather conditions and climate. Many animations show the growth of a tree – for example – that is time lapsed to evoke an emotive connection to the property.

Identifying problems earlier

One of the leading benefits of 3D modelling is the ability to identify faults in designs before the construction process. Architects and designers have more time to experiment with a project, empowering them to find any potential problems within their plans before it costs companies a fortune to correct. Models are rotatable meaning developers can view all sides of a development offering more opportunities to identify potential issues. Saving time and money can significantly contribute to the construction industry.

Sharable designs and content

The rise of technology has contributed to the rapid increase in sharing designs remotely and receiving quicker – if not instant – feedback on them. Architects and designers do not have to lug around an unfortunately large roll of blueprints and spend hours going through all the technicalities in the design for investors to understand your concept.

The construction of any development requires extensive collaboration to deliver a close to perfect product. Collaboration has become simpler with most design products and solutions being cloud-based and easily shareable. Multiple people can collaborate on one document simultaneously in the digital age, which, mirrored in the construction industry means real-time information on the entirety of the project. Working with shareable designs and content makes the construction process more cost-effective.

Developers will continue to benefit from 3D rendering while the world evolves with the sophisticated technology at our disposal. During the design phase, we conceive new ideas that enhance the design, functionality and comfort of a space. With Vizform, you can craft and experience the perfect area.

We are proud to have worked with developers who have used renders, animations and motion stills as core elements in their marketing strategy. Contact us for more information on how to perfect the launch of your new development.


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