How the Cape Town Property Market is Perfect for 3D Visualisation

With magnificent mountain views, breathtaking beaches and a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle, Cape Town has become one of the worlds most sought after residential locations. Property marketers have made the Mother City the focal point of investment in Africa, attracting investors from around the globe.

Stretching across the Atlantic Seaboard, the City Bowl, the Southern and Northern Suburbs there are prime real estate spaces waiting for developers and marketers. Through the wide variety of properties and developments available, Cape Town has become the perfect opportunity to showcase the power of specialised property marketing through 3D visualisations.

The Cape Town property environment is the perfect market for 3D visualisations to shine partly due to its ideal location on the tip of Africa. Through multiple techniques such as walkthroughs/flythroughs, scanned materials, and motion stills, 3D specialists – such as Vizform – have used the Mother City as the canvas for innovative renders and animations.

Walkthroughs and Flythroughs

Walkthroughs give viewers – through a 3D rendering program – a virtual presentation of a property, construction or development ( often used to sell properties that already exist). In Cape Town, walkthroughs incorporate aspects of nature surrounding the development or property while flythroughs offer potential buyers the opportunity to view an entire area. Through the sublime surroundings, including Table Mountain, the Atlantic Seaboard and other attractions, flythroughs give investors a 720-degree journey through the development.

Scanned Materials

Scanned materials – or PBR (physically-based renders) – is a powerful resource to integrate within virtual reality environments. Through creative innovation, Vizform uses an in-house PBR scanner to give our clients hyper-realistic renders. Cape Town is renowned for its unique shrubbery and nature making its elements a critical material to use.

Fynbos – for example – only grows in the Southern region of Africa making its uniqueness an asset in 3D renders throughout the Western Cape. Scanning pieces of fynbos with the PBR scanner enhances our renders through texture, light and depth. Scanned objects absorb reality and offer a realistic presentation of materials in the virtual world.

Motion Stills

The Atlantic Seaboard offers exceptional views, with waves crashing on pristine beaches surrounding the province. Through motion stills, architectural visualisation can capture this and recreate a feeling of familiarity with its audience. Creating a connection with elements that surround the development, offer clients the opportunity to engage with the project entirely. Cape Town provides amazing locations with features that create perfect motion stills for clients.

Cape Town welcomes millions of tourists every year and has become an attractive investment opportunity for both locals and internationals. The continued investor confidence in areas like the Atlantic Seaboard, The CBD, and its surrounds, can be attributed to successful property marketing campaigns and 3D rendering and animation. Cape Town continues to grow as the ideal location for holidays, Instagram bloggers and recently has become a hotspot for 3D visualisation.


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