An era of digital architecture and rendering is continuously evolving the way we interact with the industry. At Vizform we believe in creative innovation. We are family of visualisation specialists, marketing teams and developers who are dedicated to making dreams a reality. Adding to our list of services and skill sets, we are proud to have an in-house, proudly Vizform, PBR (physically-based renders) scanner.

PBR is a shading model within the computer graphic realm that renders graphics in a manner that accurately models the flows of light in reality. The ideal PBA scanner incorporates an accurate simulation of photorealism and photogrammetry.

Before the evolution of PBR became prominent in the industry, the common practice was to use an image found online or if you had a camera you could go on location and shoot the exact texture you needed. This process presented several problems which started with the lighting. Lighting and shadows play a crucial role in the development of images that clients can use.

Incorrect shadows and lighting can impact the emotion and delivery of your image, as well as reflections, were often baked in the photos taken. Further, a specular, translucency and glossiness map had to be derive from the diffuse texture as well as a normal map. This process made it near impossible to get an accurate displacement from a photo.

PBR allows albedo, specular, glossiness, translucent, normal and height maps to be captured accurately from real-world values. Here are two examples of materials that we have scanned;

With these accurately scanned textures we are able to produce very photo-realistic 3D assets like these:

We look forward to sharing more progress from our Vizform PBR Scanner with you over the next few months.


Futuristic in design


Visualize the end result