Situated in the historical Church Square in the city centre of Cape Town, this boutique hotel is where 17th-century charm meets 21st-century sophistication. Vizform was tasked to create images that were focused on the mood of the hotel experience and the location.

The primary focus was to provide images that showcased the location, and the views guests could have when staying at Labotessa. Vizform created four images, with two images from the courtyards perspective which emphasised the features of the building. This showed how the building interacts with Church Square as well showing its location to restaurants which surround it. Important factors that were highlighted in these images were the night lights and European styling of the square and hotel.

Vizform also created two interior images which demonstrated the view from within the suites of the boutique hotel. While focusing on the mood, style and finishes, the images focused on a blend of sophistication and 17th-century charm.


Futuristic in design