Vizform Breaks Ground on the Atlantic Seaboard

In August 2018, The Berman Brothers hosted the launch to their Strand Beach development– the latest in their portfolio. In true Berman Brothers style, it was certainly the event of the year! The prestigious penthouse apartment at The Estate hosted guests and offered incomparable views of the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town.

Paul and Saul Berman captivated the audience when they presented their current and upcoming projects to guests. Strand Beach, the Berman Portfolio Property Café (a first of its kind) and a surprise sneak preview of Kings – the latest addition to their ever-growing portfolio.

One of the highlights to the prestigious evening was the Vizform presentation. Our presentation showcased the renders and animations that were specifically designed and curated for the Strand Beach development.

“When only the best is good enough, 3D architectural illustrations are not just seen by the eyes, but felt by heart and stir emotions of future realities.”

We were proud to be involved in the Strand Beach project and we are proud to have created a design experience of reality before it was constructed. The digitally-led evening emphasized the meticulous detail and high quality of work that we pride ourselves on.

“Seeing the reactions of people like Saul Berman, who stood in disbelief and was in awe of our work – is exactly why we do what we do at Vizform” – Ryan Keyzer

In our mission to provide incomparable quality, it is with great pride that we have strategic alliances with The Berman Brothers. Our partnership aims to continue to add luxury design and comfort to the Atlantic Seaboard – whether it is virtually or reality.

We believe that providing quality work, dedicated services and remaining customer-centric will add immense value to all our partners and clients. We look forward to echoing the strength, respect and dedication that the Berman Brothers have shown in our own management team. We are proud to introduce to you the leaders of Vizform – Ben Pretorius and Ryan Keyzer.

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