The Ever-Growing Role of CGI in Successful Property Marketing

The real estate industry in 2018 has become a saturated market, with choices around every corner. Successful property marketers have distinguished themselves from the masses with useful technology such as CGI (computer generated imagery). The ever-growing role of CGI in successful property marketing has become more prominent in the digital age, making it a match made in digital heaven.

CGI has gained most of its attention through the entertainment industry, becoming well known for its presence in leading Hollywood movies. Filmmakers had embraced technological innovation to add depth to their stories with the realistic special effects that come with CGI. While CGI still plays a prominent role in the film industry, it has crept into the property development and real estate industry with some haste.  

Industries such these have benefited from immersing themselves in CGI, especially in the selling of properties, off plan. It has given potential buyers an exact portrayal of what it will look like once it is built. Vendors are therefore able to demonstrate critical features in a graphic representation for buyers. Often buyers and sellers underestimate the power of knowing the product before buying. Clients who can see their development before spending money on it, will not only be able to make swift changes but they are likely to trust you with their next purchase.

CGI enables successful property marketing through a superior customer experience angle. A visualisation of the building through the placement of windows and walls, borders, accurate proportional spacing, interior design options with size and customizable views encourages an emotional connection from the buyer to the project. Once you invoke an emotional relationship with your project and your client, you have in turn created a successful relationship in the industry.

The property marketing industry will see an influx of CGI and 3D renders in the next few years, making it a leading tool in innovative marketing. The high-quality pixel perfect products will save buyers time, money, and reduce any design frustrations, making the experience more enjoyable in its seamless, customer-centric approach.

As technology continues to adapt and evolve, the role of CGI will become more entrenched in property marketing. Companies who are growing alongside this revolution will refine the industry with crafted compositions that will not only convince buyers to purchase the product, but you will seamlessly compel buyers to choose to work with you in their future endeavours.

At Vizform, we continue to see how a successful property marketing campaign can be achieved. Through the creation of 3D renders and perfected CGI, we make dreams a tangible concept. As we continue to innovate, create and conceptualise, we are proud to invite you to revolutionise the way you buy and sell developments.


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