The Story of Light

The subject of light has been a fascination for most people in multiple industries. The role it plays is pivotal in our area of expertise, and to summarise the benefits of understanding it, could not be covered in only one article, but rather an extensive research paper.

“Light gives life to space.”

When Architects design buildings, they always consider how the sun and lighting will interact with the lines and spaces of the building. Extracting the most from the natural light and bouncing the sunlight through space, is a fundamental element in architecture.

A similar principle is applied to electric lighting and fireplaces. Architects position lights throughout their designs in such a way that it is not only functional but can emphasise focal features of a design, bringing it to life. Merely using an LED strip inside a bulkhead can add dimensions and height to an area by only lifting the brightness of the ceiling.

As a specialist in 3D visualisation, Vizform emulates the architect’s design vision by researching the area of the development and tracking the sun’s movements. By studying a buildings architecture and the sun’s changes, the team is able to predict the best time of day for the developments space. While this plays an important role, the narrative being told in the design is a fundamental aspect to consider. The story of the development together with correct lighting can set the mood portrayed, and emphasise this to the developments target market.

Using an image with the right lighting can focus on crucial architectural elements, can indicate the lifestyle your client would enjoy and can give more information about the area it is situated in. All this information can be conveyed with a shot of an apartments balcony at the right time of day, for example.

Vizform creates the emotional connection for your clients to envision themselves in your space. They will be able to see themselves arriving home from a long day of work, relaxing on the balcony with a glass of wine while admiring a gorgeous view. While this is target market dependent, Vizform focuses on the story you want to tell your clients.

“The best leaders in the world remain students.”

As leaders, we continuously study the elements of light and use its principles and techniques. From architectural photographers, studio photographers, landscape photographers and filmmakers we apply our knowledge of lighting to all corners of our industry. At Vizform, we believe that choosing the right light is crucial and a core service we provide. As lighting specialists, we invite you to let us tell the story of your design.


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