Transforming Interior Design Projects with 3D Rendering

Pictures no longer simply speak a thousand words, they represent reality before it is built. With the introduction of 3D design rendering, interior design continues to make significant advancements. Rendering has transformed the industry and aids designers in creating an environment to enhance the beauty of space.

This new wave of skilful technology has changed the way designers create models, imaging and visualisations, and has changed the way designers can capture elements of new development in a thought-provoking, charming manner. While virtual architecture has filled the communication gap between the architect and their client, it is the power of 3D rendering that has genuinely disrupted the interior design industry. The skill and technology involved in the process have spawned innovative, creative and relative thinking which keeps revolutionising the industry.

It is no secret that the visualisation skills of interior designers are impressive but the painstakingly hand-drawn 2D sketches of the past, has barred designers from reaching their full creative potential for decades. The introduction of 3D rendering has simplified the manner clients can visualise the colouring and shaping of their development.

The interior design process has significantly benefited from the transition to newer technologies such as rendering. For example; the project visualisation phase which used to take days and even weeks now enable designers to work with freedom of thought seamlessly. This gave designers and clients an opportunity to engage on the same page, so to speak.

Clients are able to see a rendered image and are no longer leaving design to the imagination. Renders allow for revisions of decor to be fixed without long drawn out processes, illustrating creativity in a short period of time.

3D rendering has not only changed the way designers develop designs but has shaped the way models can be marketed. The real estate industry, for example, has benefited tremendously from the use of 3D rendering. Vizform is proud to work closely with real estate specialists, designing developments for The Estate, Strand Beach, Marina Edge, Labotessa, Polo Village, and Koelenbosch Country Club, just to name a few. The Vizform rendering portfolio demonstrates the power of design transformation taking place.

At Vizform we believe that transforming a concept into a tangible vision is a rare skill. While the conceptual leap between 2D architectural plans and a client’s end result can be vast, we are proud to harness the power of 3D visualisation technology and rendering to transform all our clients’ project needs.

Vizform brings your project to life, offering valuable insights into its potential. During the design phase, it is inevitable to conceive new ideas that enhance the design, functionality and comfort of a space. With Vizform, you can craft and experience the perfect area. We invite you to see reality before it has even been constructed here.


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