Vizform Ventures to Vienna

For two days every year, the d2 Vienna hosts one of the largest gatherings of architectural visualisation artists globally. From visualisation studios, advertising agencies, software companies and architecture offices, guests from around the world share insights about the industry. This year Vizform’s senior management team was thrilled to partake in the sharing of knowledge and the meeting of like-minded individuals!

After 19 hours of travelling, Ben Pretorius and Ryan Keyzer arrived in Vienna. The dynamic duo was thrilled to have met and engaged with Fabio Palvelli (YouTuber and organiser of the d2 conference), who shared insights about the shift in global market trends and how the industry will cope with the constant innovation currently taking place.

The conference was the ideal location for us to engage with leaders and artists in the global markets. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to witness the true brilliance of our industry and to see trends and innovation from a different perspective!
Ryan Keyzer

The d2 conference emphasised the level of passion that the industry has, to perfect the techniques and methods used to give clients an excellent visual experience. In their aim to continually innovate, evolve and create excellence, the conference sparked new thoughts and practices that the team are excited to bring home to South Africa. The event was also the perfect opportunity to explore the latest techniques in rendering that will optimise standards in the industry.

“Being surrounded by great artists and global leaders allowed us to see that together we can dictate the future of our industry. The opportunity to be at the forefront of these decisions and trends was an exciting and a memorable moment for the Vizform team.”
Ben Pretorius

An important message taken from the event was that the commitment from the industry by competitors and team members alike is required to keep creating better experiences for the clients.

During the sessions, the studios and delegates took particular note of animation. Speakers advised that animation needs to adapt and evolve to incorporate a more cinematic touch and feel.

All delegates have shown a commitment to integrating this into their future animation ventures which proves that this will be a leading trend in the future.

“d2 reinvigorated our continuous commitment to bringing projects to life, and we are excited to explore the opportunity to create cinematic experiences for our clients in the future!” Ryan Keyzer

The conference truly was an environment where the team could share and learn about best practices in the industry and how they can continue to make their work a reflection of Vizforms excellence.

Watch out 2019, this team will be back!

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