Ryan Keyzer: The 3D Journey

Without change, there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for brilliance. Without change, there is no art, creation or growth. However, with change, you can bring life to new worlds. Vizform COO, Ryan Keyzer believes that being a 3D visualisation specialist breathes new life into the world of architecture.

Ryan’s entrance into the industry, began long before he formally started his career. From three years old he was fascinated with drawing boxes in 3D. The playgroup he attended was convinced it was a gift and later, at the age of five, teachers again attributed his ability to grasp 3D design to natural talent.

“At 12 years old, my mom taught me one of my greatest life lessons. Instead of fighting with me she showed me what my life would be if I didn’t work hard. From that day on, she never checked up on my homework or fussed over what I was doing. She made sure that I knew it was up to me to achieve.”

After 3D studio closed down, Ryan moved to Tectonic Visual Communications where he spent almost five years of his career. He worked with architects that had a high level of perfectionism and realism to detail, which taught him to refine and perfect all tasks that he worked on. While at Tectonic, Ryan worked with some of the best interior design companies in the industry and mostly focused on bring interior images to life.

While at Tectonic, Ryan gained experience in all aspects of architecture. He learnt how to speak to architects with the language in the field and gained the confidence to get briefs from clients. After being accepted to study interactive design in Sweden, Ryan resigned from Tectonic and prepared to move. Ryan eventually decided against the move, and in his pursuit of excellence he joined Burn Visual Illustration and met Ben Pretorius.

Now, senior management in Vizform and respected friends and colleagues, Ryan and Ben both recognised the value of each other’s work ethic and knew that they made a formidable team. Their competitive nature encouraged both specialists to continually evolve, and after Ben moved to AdMakers, he approached Ryan to make a move and join him in Cape Town – which he did.

AdMakers gave Ryan experience in running a design studio, and when he joined ThinkLabGroup in 2016, he was able to utilise his expertise and achieve many milestones in his time there. After getting married and redefining his expectations from the industry and the goals he wanted to accomplish, Ryan and Ben came together once more and Ryan made the decision to join the Vizform team.

“We have massive plans for the future, we have the drive to achieve it, the backing of the most amazing people, and an unstoppable passion. Watch this space.”


Ben and Ryan recently went to Vienna to attend the d2 conference. Find out more here.


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